Coronavirus, Christmas and General Chaos.


How do.

Right, we're done for Easter now.

Shut Friday (14th April)
Obviously shut over the weekend.
Shut Monday (17th April)

We're back at work Tuesday (18th) morning ready to clear the bank holiday backlog.

We've tried to get as much stuff listed on the webshop that people are waiting for and also tried to get as many deliveries as we can booked in, we still have a few pallets of stuff to put away after the chaos of the stock take but it's mostly back to normal now.

The first orders will leave Tuesday hopefully it should start trickling through to customers by Wednesday.

As you know, we come in on a morning and print all the orders and start packing, if we have time then we'll print more as the day goes by but if the last few weekends orders are anything to go by then orders placed on Monday may not actually leave on Monday, we'll do our best to fulfil orders using the first come first served basis.