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Come on... give us a break!

This is us calling "Last Orders" at the webshop... last-orders

Technically, its not "us" it's just a photo we found on the internet that suited our needs... just pointing that out before you all rush down to meet our new member of staff!!
Usually at this time of year we have a spotless workshop, and the stores is swept and tidy. We generally have all the deliveries booked in, we're watching the clock and shuffling delivery notes and flicking elastic bands at Angus.

Today, we've had almost as many orders to process as a busy day at the start of summer. Mike is complaining because he's had to change the label roll in the UPS printer and we've got 2 big deliveries from earlier this week to book in!

We're not complaining though! We like being busy... but it has to end somewhere.
So, we're a couple of hours away from our 1pm cut off for orders to leave today.
After that we'll be playing "catch up" with the deliveries and sorting things for our return in the New Year.

Oh... and just for the ladies...


Merry Christmas :)