Bilstein B6 Dampers - T3

We've never been struck on the standard B6 Dampers offered by Bilstein for the T3.

We sell a lot of the B4 damper as a standard damper with the benefit of gas damping, but we've stayed away from the B6 as we just didn't feel they felt right on a T3.

We spoke to Bilstein about this a few years ago, and between us, we came up with a spec that they were happy to produce, and that we would be happy to sell...
They made the trial sets, which we've been running on our own vehicles for over 18 months, and we're now confident they're a great mid range damper for people who want a performance upgrade without making the jump to an all out "Track" damper.

So, here they are... exclusive to us with this spec to suit lowered T3's between 30 and 70mm.

t3b6-front t3b6-rear

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