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  • Reproduction T3 LLE Front Decal

    A while ago, we were approached by the LLE Kartei in Germany about reproducing the Front decal for the Limited Last Edition T3 models.

    It's a special decal as it's domed and not just a flat vinyl sticker.
    It also had to match the originals perfectly.
    As we already produce reproductions of the original decals for the California and Atlantic with the correct finish, these were no problem.

    However, we won't be selling these.
    To control who buys them these will only be available to buy through the LLE-Karte, and not from us.
    We figure this is the best way to ensure that we don't end up assisting the creation of a load of LLE Replicas, as that's in the interest of all LLE owners.

    So, if you need one, you can contact the LLE Kartei and they will be able to confirm the originality of your LLE and supply you with a new sticker :)

  • VW 1.9 TDI Short Block Engines.

    Due to the current popularity of the TDI conversion for T3 and even T4 models, we're now keeping these VW Short Block Engines in stock.

    Price to be confirmed... but expect them to be "sensible" especially for a VW unit :)

    They're supplied with Crank, Pistons, and intermediate shaft fitted... and even come with a sump (although you won't need that for a T3).
    They also have the piston protrusion checked and come with gaskets.

    These are going to go quickly, we feel sure!

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