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  • Sales to the US and Canada - *Updated MAR '17*

    Shortly after we opened the workshop doors in April 2005 we started selling parts, quite by accident really but selling parts none the less.

    Once our insurance company got wind of it we were immediately made to write a letter and sign a piece of paper promising not to sell directly to the highly litigious societies of USA and Canada.

    In honesty, we've buckled under the pressure, we're pretty bored of the pile of emails daily and we've stumped up to cover ourselves in insurance to sell parts to North America.

    So, shipping rates are set, insurance set, fill your boots! (been doing so for a couple of weeks just to make sure everything worked)

    Yes, it does mean you can now just buy a sticker!

    Notes on postage.

    • Royal Mail is our Post Office, keep it under 2kg for sensible prices.
    • UPS, you must know that right?! (usual transit time is approx 2 days going by recent orders but obviously the more we send the more we'll get a feel for it and advise accordingly.)

    If it says it's in stock, it's in stock.

    Orders as always are printed as soon as we recieve them, they go in the queue with the rest and are packed and shipped ASAP.

    Christopher at T3 Technique will continue to sell our parts, we're grateful for all his help over the years, he'll still get preferential rates over retail prices so if you need something quick then Christopher is your man.

    Please note we are a business that makes a living repairing rusty old vans and selling parts for them online, we are not in the business of tax evasion, we will under no circumstances devalue our shipments so you don't have to pay import duty, sorry! Other unscrupulous companies may do this for you, we don't so please don't ask!!

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