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  • Brickwerks Logo Door Pins

    Anodised Aluminium and laser etched.
    These are made for us by Atiwe in Germany, and bring a touch of class to any T3 :)

    Supplied in pairs so your passenger isn't left out!


    Webshop Link

  • Genuine VW JX Cylinder Heads

    We're now stocking these bare Genuine VW cylinder heads for the T3 1.6TD (JX) engines.

    At this price they're a bargain too!



  • Mefro Centre Caps?

    Just a little teaser.
    We sell the Genuine Mefro wheels.
    We sell the correct wheel fittings.
    We don't sell a centre cap.



  • Fuel Filler Kit - T3

    We've just created this kit of parts for the fuel filler area on a T3.
    Generally these are the bits that need replacing whenever you go into this area to address a leak.

    OEM, or best quality where OEM isn't available, so thats a Genuine rubber, Blau cap (with 2 keys), stainless retaining ring and screws and the best plastic surrounds available.

    around 10% cheaper than buying as separate items from our webshop, and probably a bit more than elsewhere (for equivalent quality ;) )

    Don't go saying we don't look after you :)


    Webshop Link

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