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  • Wheel Fittings for T3 Factory Alloys Wheels

    When VW fitted Alloy wheels to the T3, they used an unusual (for VW) wheel fitting as they have a tapered seat instead of the normal radius seat.
    The reason they did this was to allow enough engagement on the standard length rear studs so vehicles with alloy wheels didn't need longer studs fitting.


    Ours on the left, factory originals on the right.

    This is the reason why, when buying a used set of original T3 Alloy Wheels its always been important to get the original wheel fittings, because the correct ones havn't been available for a long time.

    There are a couple of alternatives that we've sold for years for this reason, but none of them are quite "right"...

    So we've now sourced these. Much closer to the original, and just a little bit "nicer" than the Chrome plated closed nuts we've sold in the past for this application.

    Webshop link

    We also supply them in a kit if youve bought a set of factory alloys without fittings - Webshop Link



  • Electric Window Motors - T3

    Well... its been a while!
    We actually took delivery of these a couple of weeks ago, but in all honesty we've been so busy they've sat in an opened box until today.


    A customer called in to collect an order, and asked how they were progressing so we dug him a set out...

    Now on the webshop, along with pretty much everything you'd need to get the electric windows working on a T3... even if all you have at the moment are "keep fit windows".

    Webshop Link

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