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Monthly Archives: May 2016

  • Dont get too excited just yet, but...

    T3 Trailing arms are now listed on the webshop.


    You can't buy them yet as they're not in actually in stock. We don't do pre-orders, or other gimmicks to encourage you to pay for things before we've paid for them!
    And we try not to take money for things we don't have... its better off in your bank account than ours we're sure you'll agree and we'd only spend it on more quality parts anyway!)

    However, we're getting a lot of enquiries so now you can enter your email in the "Back In Stock Notification" box on the product page, so you'll get an email when they land.

    We have a date of the end of June, so not long now...

    They come with standard rubber bushes fitted, and of course we have the fixings, clips and brake pipes to go with them... including just about everything else you might want to replace at the same time!




  • T3 A Pillar repair panels - Now in stock

    The sun is shining in Honley and we've just had a delivery of the new T3 A Pillar repair panels from JP Group in Denmark... does it get any better?

    Now available on the WEBSHOP.


  • T3/Early T4 Main Beam Tell Tale - Now in stock (again)

    We had a moment of mild panic when these were made obsolete last year!
    Once it was confirmed that there would be no more produced... ever, we started looking for an alternative. And here they are!


    Just like the originals, these are a bulb not an LED, and come with the soft blue filter so you're not blinded every time you put your main beam on!
    No need to bodge superbright Blue LEDs in now... phew!


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