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  • 15" ATIWE Alloy Wheels for the T3?

    I know we keep banging on about it, but it has never been easier to get quality parts for the T3.
    With premium manufacturers producing new (an old) stuff all the time.

    Imagine if 15" versions of the Atiwe "Cheesehole" wheels were readily available?

    Imagine them in 7Jx15 ET23 and 5x112 PCD.



  • Open Day Promotion Now Live...

    As you know... we're holding an open day here at Brickwerks this coming Sunday.


    As a reward for turning up, drinking our tea and eating our butties (butties are sandwiches in the North, not slang for "friend" or "mate") we're offering a 10% discount on all orders placed between now and Sunday for collection on the day.

    So, this is how it works.
    On the webshop (HERE) you'll see a random product. A "Brickwerks Big Bag of Nowt".
    **bag not included.

    Buy one (they're free!). Add the rest of the items you want to collect, and select the "Collection in Person" shipping option.
    Go through checkout, pay for it. Done.

    We'll do the rest. And there might be some other freebies in there too.

    If you dont add the bag, you wont get the discount. If you dont select the "Collection in Person" you wont get the discount.

    Barring any cock ups with stock levels everything is in stock if it says it is barring a few drop ship items.
    Drop Ship items are included in the discount promotion, so you can order them but you won't be able to collect on the day for obvious reasons.

    I think thats clear?
    Yep... clear as mud.

  • T3 Step Repair Panels - Original style

    Another piece of that jigsaw puzzle we showed you the other day...

    We already sell our "budget" step repair panels. And in fairness despite the price, they do the job as well as any of the others that have been available... until now.

    Recently we were offered these. New production, British made, and very very close to the way the originals were constructed. We wouldn't be looking after you if we didn't put a few on the shelf...



  • T3 Westfalia Roof Cap Cleat - Extra Value Kit

    We sell a lot of these, and find that they sell in sets of 8 quite often. We guess that if you're going to the trouble of removing the roof cap to replace one, many of you see the benefit in having 8 shiny stainless steel fittings.

    So, here is a kit of 8 cleats at a nice price!
    Of course, you can still buy separately if you need just one, but the kit of 8 is quite a nice saving :)
    And all the same matching "marine grade" metric fittings.




  • Postage... and why we do what we do.

    Once again, the "do you do any free shipping offers" question has reared its head.
    The answer is in most cases... nope. Sorry.
    We think its worth a post explaining... so we don't have to keep saying it

    "So Brickwerks... how come you don't when do?"

    Well... we sell a lot of parts. Some of it small. Some of it massive.
    With very few exceptions, its all in stock here.
    You'll usually find that the prices are competitive, and the reason for this is that we don't sneak a few pence on the top to cover any "free" offers or promotions.
    Like for like, we do okay on prices. We don't have the advantage of some sellers of dealing with 97 different models... we stick to what we know.
    We could do it, and offer "free shipping over £xxx" however, we think its a little unfair because if you're ordering less than the free shipping threshold, you're basically paying more for your shipping... you're paying postage and paying the extra bit we've added to the products. Its simply not how we work.
    Sure it might encourage some to spend more to get the "free shipping", but for every one that did there would be another who could see through the flannel...
    It's not fair on our customers to do it, and to be honest we credit you lot with more intelligence!
    We don't sucker you on prices. Our margins are small, and we're honest about what we sell... it really is as simple as it gets.
    If we can sell at a sensible price, stay in business, and keep adding to our ever growing range of quality parts and still be honest and upfront about what we do... we can all sleep at night and everybody is happy.

    We think that our system works, and feedback from our customers seems to say the same. No guff. No flannel. No pretence. Just straightforward honesty.
    99.99% of orders ship same or next day depending on the time of day you order it. All our shipping options are "Express" in that they're a 24hr service to the UK.
    UPS is still around £10 for Next Day delivery to most of the UK up to 32kg, and prices come direct from UPS and the Royal Mail, so you pay exactly what it costs... everything up front and honest. Its how we do business.

    We also still give forum discount to over 3000 customers from Club 80-90 and the Brick-yard... which in many cases outweighs any postage costs. So, if you're not already a member, join up get involved in the forums and sign up for discount (details in the respective forums).

  • T3 Petrol Oil Pressure Sender Relocation kit

    Finally, a tidy solution to relocating the Oil Pressure sender on a T3 Petrol.


    The main reason to relocate would be the addition of an additional oil pressure gauge. The factory location for the sender is between the pushrod tubes, and its too tight to fit the dual sender in. This kit allows you to extend the mounting point to the top of the engine block.

    Its not really "rocket surgery", but probably easier to explain in pictures than words...
    We guess if this is something you're thinking about you know what it does...

    Kit allows fitment of original Pushrod tubes:

    Mounting location on top of engine case:



    Routing of hose around pushrod tubes:



    Webshop Link

  • Fuel Gauge - T3 models with Rev Counter

    This is a surprisingly hard to find part used, as anyone that has a spare usually wants to keep it with the rev counter as a set.
    That has meant replacing a faulty one can be expensive!


    Not any more... Fuel Gauge for rev counter models now in stock.


  • Brickwerks Open day 24th April


    We've not done this for a couple of years but we've decided to tidy up and open the workshop doors on a weekend again and let you all have a nosey about to see what we're up to.
    Same format as previous years, we'll be there about 9am and stick the kettle on, you bring a mug and we'll fill it with tea or coffee.
    Over the next few days we'll sort a discount code so you can pre-order some quality stock so there's no disappointments on the day and we're not running around like idiots wasting time making invoices out!
    We'll sort some food out of some sort or other too.
    We usually wind up around lunch time and the syncro fraternity meander their way up the valley to make a day of it and do some of the local green lanes.
    For the 2WD crowd we could always cruise up the valley in a different direction to the Oil Can Cafe and check out some classic cars.
    there have been some changes down at Bridge Works and we now have a lot more room in the car park so there should be plenty of space.
    See you there!

  • T3 Flap Lock Kit

    Rare and sought after T3 option, the Flap lock wasn't fitted to many models, and those that have them tend to want to keep hold of them!
    We don't do things by halves, so the kit comes with the lock cover and base, and also the catch for the flap itself.
    Theres even a couple of rivets and screws... and the option to set the lock to your ignition key if you desire!


    Webshop Link

    We also have replacement lock covers and the plastic base that acts as a gasket, if you already have the lock but not the extra pieces.

    Lock Cover
    Lock Cover Base

  • More new stuff? Surely not?

    There are so many new products finding their way onto the webshop now that we've had to increase the number shown on the homepage temporarily to show them all...
    In fact, if you're using a mobile or some tablets you wont see them at all (unless you force the browser to show the desktop site in the options!).

    A load of new badges have just gone "live", to keep the Caravelle owners happy.
    A few other surprises too :)

    For those that only ever view on mobiles, here is what you've missed this week.


    The scarey thing is... we really havn't touched the tip of the iceberg!

    New Products

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