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  • T3 Brake Pedal and Bushes


    Worn Pedal bushes? Or even worse... the pedal itself?
    Most people don't even realise they exist, but there are 2 bushes in the top of the brake pedal, and they wear.
    As these vehicles get older we're seeing more and more with slop in the pedal, so we now stock replacement bushes, and the complete pedal (includes bushes!) for not much more than the price of the bushes themselves.
    We're good like that!

    Bushes also fit the LT1 brake pedal.

    Replacement bushes - Webshop Link

    Complete Pedal - Webshop Link

  • T3 Westfalia Waste Tank - 255-070-814-C


    T3 Westfalia Waste Tank - 255070814C

    As you all know, we work on the vehicles we sell parts for... and we work on a lot of Westfalia Campervans.
    There's nothing like beavering away under someones camper and having their washing up water dripping on you from a hole in the waste tank :)

    We already stock the replacement taps and drain caps if that's all it is, but now we have the tank too. So if its the tank itself that's damaged we can offer the owner a replacement... and fit it too.


  • Digital Multimeter



    We work on old vehicles... and the chances are that if you're reading this then from time to time you do too.
    One of the common questions we see on forums from owners of older stuff is "how do I test my [insert electrical component here]". The answer invariably involves the use of a tool called a multimeter.

    Now, you can spend hundreds of pounds on a multimeter, but we realise that in all honesty its one of those tools that whilst invaluable when you need it will just sit in your toolbox (or glovebox) for most of the time. So a sensibly priced one makes a lot of sense.

    Reads Voltage (AC and DC), Resistance (Ohms), Current (Amps) which are basically all you'll need to diagnose most issues.



  • "Club Joker" stripes - professional fitment.


    The club joker stripes are one of out more popular reproduction sticker sets.
    And the full colour printed ones are possibly one of the best stickers that VW ever fitted to the T3 :)

    Michael fancied a little 80s styling on his Bluestar, and we wanted the opportunity to make a video to give some tips. So, we had a one of set done with a blue highlight instead of the original red.
    Generally with things like this, less is more... but this works really well!

    You can see the installation video on Youtube HERE

    And of course the stripe kits are available HERE (standard colour set only I'm afraid. Special colours would be possible... but expensive!)



  • Tailgate Badges - T3

    Tailgate Badges... there are loads of different ones for T3 models depending when they were built and whether they started life as commercial vehicles or people carriers, campers. Even pickups have different badges!

    We're slowly building up our stocks as they become available, so we now have the 2 variants of the smaller pickup TRANSPORTER badge in Black (Military) and silver (civilian), and also the larger badge fitted to later vans.
    Also available is the "Volkswagen" badge with the logo that was fitted before the centre mounted VW Roundel on the latest vans.

    It surprising what a difference a new badge makes to your rear end :)

    Whilst you're at it... we also stock the plastic grommets that stop the badges falling out!


    All badges genuine VW, and all in stock.

    Large VW Roundel for Tailgate

    Black TRANSPORTER badge for pickup rear

    Silver TRANSPORTER badge for pickup rear

    Silver TRANSPORTER badge for "van" rear

    Silver VOLKSWAGEN badge for "van" rear

    Badge Grommets

  • And here starts the nightmare.


    Simple job, import van, just come in from Lapland.
    We're just going through it undoing the "modifications" (in the loosest sense) and generally getting it ready for UK use.
    One of the problems is quite simple, the front side lights don't work.
    Anyone spot the problem yet?
    Yes, we can't get the grille off, so we can't take the head lights out so we can't change the bulbs without unbolting the clothes horse off the front.
    Deep joy. Simple job we don't normally charge for turns into an hours labour!

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