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  • T3 Westfalia Roof Rack Dry Bag - 135l

    Useful sized dry storage bag that sits nicely in the T3 Westfalia front Roof Rack.
    It also works well on tailgate mounted bike racks, and of course could be used on any roof rack if needed.

    Waterproof and with a folded seam over the waterproof zip, it'll keep your stuff dry.

    Quicklock straps also available in related items.


    Webshop Link

  • Mezzanine or move out?


    Hmm. This should be interesting. We're honestly not sure where we are going to put all this! Awaiting quotes back for a mezzanine floor to free up some room! The stores are full, we have no more space left meaning that were having to store stock in the workshop!

  • Bilstein B6 Dampers - T3

    We've never been struck on the standard B6 Dampers offered by Bilstein for the T3.

    We sell a lot of the B4 damper as a standard damper with the benefit of gas damping, but we've stayed away from the B6 as we just didn't feel they felt right on a T3.

    We spoke to Bilstein about this a few years ago, and between us, we came up with a spec that they were happy to produce, and that we would be happy to sell...
    They made the trial sets, which we've been running on our own vehicles for over 18 months, and we're now confident they're a great mid range damper for people who want a performance upgrade without making the jump to an all out "Track" damper.

    So, here they are... exclusive to us with this spec to suit lowered T3's between 30 and 70mm.

    t3b6-front t3b6-rear

    Webshop Link - Front Damper

    Webshop Link - Rear Damper

  • T3 Aero Fuel Filler Cap Kits - Now in stock!

    Available in Black and Natural anodised finish, with a top quality locking cap and all the hardware to allow you to fit it...  now in stock and on the webshop.

    They look great and are a doddle to fit.

    There are cheap alternatives that can be cobbled together to work. We'll leave those to the kids at McDonalds on a Saturday night!


    Webshop Link - Black
    Webshop Link - Natural

  • One for you syncro owners..








    Usual thing, what starts as a simple job soon spreads, can of worms truly opened!

    This started as changing a rear wheel cylinder, then a link pipe, then a flexy, then the pipe above the gearbox that's hidden by the front nose cone.

    Luckily all parts in stock and soon remedied!

  • Half Tone stripe sticker - T3 Westfalia Atlantic and Club Joker

    Between the rear window and the rear window vent on Atlantic and late Club Joker Westfalia models there should be this nifty sticker that softens the line between the window and the vent.

    If yours are missing or damaged you can now replace them.

    What do you mean you never even knew they were meant to be there?


    Webshop Link

  • Syncro Bell Housing Breather Spigots

    Just arrived, and fresh on the webshop. These havn't been available new up until recently, and secondhand are pretty hard to find too... but not any more.
    We have the breather pipes already, so we've put some of these into stock so we can fit them to all the Syncro Diesel models that have them missing.

    Webshop Link

    IMG_20151106_132924 (1)


  • Also Back in Stock... T3 "Heavy Duty" Front and Rear Bumpers

    These always sell out as soon as we get them in, so we've ordered a few extra this time!

    Front and Rear bumpers for T3s. These are the nice thick "heavy duty" bumpers that actually fit, not the razor thin "lightweight racing" versions that slice your pants to ribbons every time you walk past one :)


    Webshop Link - Front
    Webshop Link - Rear


  • T3 TD Exhaust Covers in Black - Back in Stock

    They've taken a while, but the black exhaust covers for Turbo Diesels are back in stock.

    Stainless steel and powder coated in black.
    Bare stainless finish to follow shortly...

    Webshop Link


  • More new panels... T3 Pickup rear corners (Genuine VW)

    New production from VW Germany, so excellent quality and fit as you'd expect.
    These are the rear corners for Double and Single cab pickups.

    In stock now.


    Webshop Link - Left (Nearside)
    Webshop Link - Right (Offside)

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