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  • Accelerator Cable Bearing Pin - 2.0 CU Engine - 251721578A

    We see a lot of CU engines which have had a fair bit of time and money thrown at them to get them running and looking lovely... then they're often let down by a bodge on the end of the cable where it attaches to the linkage.
    The reason is that this bearing pin hasn't been available for a long time.t3721578akit

    In the past we've had to make them in the workshop when the bodges have failed... time consuming and expensive. So we now keep these on the shelf.


  • Another T3 Trinket! - Dashboard beauty rings

    Update the look of your clocks with this set of machined aluminium beauty rings.

    These slot in at the rear of your dash board, and have a machined lip to stop them moving. You'll need to remove your clock binnacle completelt to fit them, remove the clocks and slot them in. Then refit the clocks to lock them in place.

    Simple but very effective bit of "bling" :)

    Free shipping on them too as its nearly Christmas!


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  • Wheel Arch Repair Panels - T3

    We already have a choice of panels for the wheel arches on the T3 - Genuine VW for the front, and and alternative "budget" panel.
    Theres also a "budget" panel for the rear.

    The genuine ones are, as you would expect... perfect. They come at a price, but they are things of beauty!
    The "budget" are as you'd expect really... not as nice but we sell them at a price to reflect this.

    We now have a third alternative in the wheel arch panels.
    These are "full" panels, more like the Genuine front arches which include part of the step and the return where the seat belts mount on the top.
    The rears have the return into the body and are more of a full panel.


    Theyre coated in weld through primer and whilst not as heavy as the VW panels (therefore there thinner metal) they're not wafer thin either.
    As an alternative to the pricey (but awesome!) genuine ones we're happy to sell these and we're certain theyre better than some of the wibbly wobbly creased and deformed panels we've seen.

    Webshop Links:

    Front Left
    Front Right

    Rear Left
    Rear Right

  • Chrome Grille Badge - T3 95mm GENUINE VW

    Now available again, genuine VW front badges for the pre '88 models with 95mm badges.
    Also fit Caddy, Golf, Passat Scirocco of the same era. And even the Iltis :)

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  • Guide Bush Kit - T3 Westfalia Swivel Base

    You might want to sit down for these...
    Almost every T3 Westy that comes in has a wobbly swivel base now. And the guide pieces havn't been available for a long time.
    A couple of companies out there have re made them, one of them being GoWesty in the USA, so no point in "reinventing the wheel" when theyre already out there.
    Sadly, because theyre relatively low volume the production and tooling costs are quite high. Not to mention the costs of actually getting them here!
    That said, we have some, they're for when we need them and if you need them...
    To be honest, we're expecting a few "OMG WTF!!!11 HOW MUCH!!!11 SCENE TAX [email protected]" etc comments, but the price is what it is, if we could get them and sell them cheaper we would but short of flying over and coming back with them stuffed in our socks thats not going to happen...
    Actually... thats not such a bad idea :D


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  • Coolant flange - Left Hand Head to Manifold - T3 WBX (025121160)

    Obsolete, and becoming a problem for owners of earlier Petrol T3's, so we've had a batch made in stainless steel.
    A little more expensive than the mild steel originals, but these will be the last ones you ever need to buy :)



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  • T3 Black Gutter Trims - Back in Stock

    Obsolete for a short time, but now back in stock...
    And even cheaper too :)



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  • Coming soon... Westfalia Swivel Base Kits

    All new components and ready to weld in.
    These are changing hand secondhand for large amounts now due to demand and rarity... We have all the components to make a complete kit... and should be not much more than the used ones!

    Just going through assembly and pricing now, so available soon.

    Swivel Base

  • Rear Bearing Carriers - T3

    We're seeing more and more T3s with play in the bearing carriers, and good secondhand ones are getting harder and harder to find.
    So, we now keep these "New Old Stock" Genuine VW items in stock.


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