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  • T5 Facelift (2010 on) Electric Heated Mirrors

    We now have T5 electric heated mirrors in both black and primered (grey) finish.

    For T5 "Facelift" models from 2010 on... T5.1, T5 GP, or whatever you want to call them :)


    Black Left - Webshop Link
    Black Right - Webshop Link
    Primered Left - Webshop Link
    Primered Right - Webshop Link

  • Genuine VW Repair Panels - T3 Front Wheel Arches

    We have budget panels already, but if you want the best fit with the least hassle we also have Genuine VW front arch panels.
    Left and Right including the Syncro panel with the blanked fuel filler.

    Not cheap, but the best.



    Webshop Link - Left
    Webshop Link - Right 2WD
    Webshop Link - Right Syncro

  • Budget T3 TD Air Filters

    We have a few of these.
    One of our suppliers was having a stock clearance so they came to us begging us to shift them.
    We obliged... but at a much reduced price.
    So, you lot can buy them at less than usual cost price!

    Some of them have the odd dent in them, but theyre fine to use and at this price you can change it every 6 months anyway!



    Webshop Link

  • T3 Westfalia Roof Canvas - Grey/Beige

    We're asked for this quite regularly, so we've put a small amount on the shelf.
    Just the late style (Post 1985) at the moment, but we can also get the earlier canvas if there is a demand.


    Webshop Link - Grey Canvas
    Webshop Link - Beige Canvas

  • T3 Gutter Trim End Pieces - 251853710 251853709

    Long obsolete and very sought after!
    Now you can replace those little gutter trim end pieces that you broke when you removed your figure of 8 awning rail!

    2 Parts, one fits the Front Left, and Rear Right. The other the Front Right and Rear Left



    Webshop Link - Front Left/Rear Right
    Webshop Link - Front Right/Rear Left

  • LT Rear Wheelarch repair panels - 281809199

    Genuine VW Repair panels for the Rear Wheelarches of LT1 models (up to 1996).
    Fits either side.

    Not too expensive for a genuine quality panel that actually fits!



    Webshop Link

  • Brickwerks at Busfest [Vanfest as was]


    It's that time again, the biggest event on the van owning communities calendar is on this weekend.

    As usual we'll have our stall in the Wye hall in our usual spot W67 (or so we are told)

    And, as usual we have no idea what to do! it was simple in the halcyon days, we took most of what we had, it fitted in the back of our Caddy pick up, perched on the end of our friends stall and all was nice and simple but as time went on we grew and had more stock we had to take more stock to a point where we were taking 2 vans and a trailer rammed to the gunnels.

    Sods law dictates that people would come and ask for the parts we didn't bring and as time went on sales at the event declined even in the short time we've been trading. [parts are easily bought from the internet now negating the need to go shows to buy parts]

    Coupled to the fact we have to shut the workshop, take a day packing the vans, work all weekend, not see our young families as well as go back to work on Monday and put what's left back on the shelf and re-order what we have sold... It's not really worth us trading.


    As the show has turned into a more social event we thought we would change our stall into a more social event too. So this year we will have a scant selection of parts to display only, however we are cordially inviting our customers to pop by, say hello and share a beer with us.

    Our friends at Thirstin Brewhouse have kindly brewed us a barrel of beer to serve up at the show just for our customers so please pop by, say hello, grab a free beer on us and without the distraction of selling parts we'll be there on hand to answer any technical question you may have about your vans.


    To save you a bit of postage we have the Busfest collection shipping method enabled on the webshop allowing you to place and pay for your orders online and collect your parts from the event.

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