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  • T3 Window Scrapers - For Models with Chrome Trim

    Available again.
    These have no manufacturer clues on them, but quality is as good as the originals, and our assumption is that theyre from the same producer as the OE stuff. We're happy to sell them, so you know theyre good!

    Nearside outer and Offside outer available, obviosly the inners are the standard scrapers we've had for ages.




  • Fuse Holders and Relay Holders

    We see a lot of old VWs. For some reason, owners of old VWs like adding "stuff". Lights, switches, relays.. "stuff".
    Generally its a bit of a mess behind the dashboard with relays floating about, wires taped up, all of it just waiting to knock all your electrics out on the side of a Welsh mountain one summers eve...

    The thing is, VW arent daft. They know you like adding this "stuff", so if you look on the top of your fuse box chances are you'll see a load of points to add extra relays and fuses should you desire.

    Thats what these are for, relay holders and fuse holders to tidy that rats nest up.
    Hopefully, if more people use them we wont have more situations where a T3 comes in for relatively simple electrical work and ends up staying here to rewire half the dash :)


    Relay Plate
    Fuse Holder

  • T3 Syncro Diff Lock Actuator Guards

    Fit front or rear actuators, and shield them prom flying rocks, sticks, chicken and ramblers.


    Webshop Link

  • T3 Diesel Big End Bearings - Standard and undersize

    Kolbenschmidt bearing shells for all standard T3 Diesel engines - JX, CS, and KY

    Available in standard size and first undersize (0.25mm)




  • Another rarity

    You don't see a T3 Syncro Karmann Gipsy every day do you? In for a check over and a few bits and bobs.


  • Syncro Upper Ball Joint Spacers - T3

    Just slipped these on the webshop at the last minute.


    Webshop Link

  • Ronal R42 Alloy Wheels - 7J x 17 ET35 - Suitable for T3 Models

    We've fitted a couple of sets for customers over the years, and we're getting asked more and more for a Van Rated alloy wheel that will fit without too much hassle... now available to order on the webshop.


    Webshop Link

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