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Monthly Archives: January 2013

  • Check your engine mounting bar


    Just replacing a 2.0l cooled engine. We saw a scab on the bar so we picked it! Good job we did! Break out the mighty mig Baxter!

  • Special Order Silicone Hose set for a special customer...

    Its not to our taste, but we've just recieved these in a special order colour for a "special" customer...


  • Exhaust Cover - T3 Turbo Diesel models

    As promised... made from brushed stainless steel, these are designed to cover the exhaust on turbo Diesel models.
    They attach to the rear valance and the engine undertray.




    Webshop Link

  • T3 Right Hand drive Gear Stick - 252 711 117 C

    Long obsolete, and frankly a bit of a problem until now... not a week goes by without us being asked for a replacement 5 speed Right Hand Drive gear stick.
    The best we've been able to offer is a couple of numbers for breakers who may be able to supply a replacement.
    So we've bitten the bullet and had them made.

    5spRHD 5spfork

    As you can see from the photos they're a close reproduction of the originals. And come with new plastic guides on the fork. You'll need to transfer the internals over from your old one (so careful disassembling it!).

    Webshop Link

  • T4 Mefro Wheels - Trial Fitment

    We had the opportunity to trial a set of  Mefro wheels on a customers T4 recently.

    Using Spigot ring adaptors to go from the 66mm of the Mefro wheels down to the 57.1mm of the T4.



    We like em if we're honest! And the low offset comared to the T4 stock wheels gives a nice "chunky" look.

    15" Were very close to the caliper, but plenty of room on the 16"


  • A couple of exciting new products...

    They've been a while in the making, but we've just taken delivery of the first batch of RIGHT HAND DRIVE 5 speed gear levers for T3 models.



    We've had Left Hand drive ones for a while from one of our suppliers, but not the RHD.
    We need to test them first before we activate them on the webshop.

    Also, whilst we're talking about new products... exhaust covers in stainless... Again, first batch is here. On the webshop soon...

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