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  • Mefro 16″ Steel Wheels in stock.



    Following the 15" Mefros we recieved last month we've just taken delivery of the first batch of the 16" Versions.

    Webshop Link

  • Last Day for Fedex shipping before Christmas

    No FedEx collection on Friday, so today is the last day for FedEx orders before January.

    We'll be processing and packing orders right up until the van arrives early afternoon!

  • T3 Diesel/Turbo Diesel Flywheel - 068 105 269 A

    Now in stock.



    Suitable for all Diesel and Turbo Diesel engines.

    Webshop Link

  • Brickwerks Christmas Holiday!







    Its that time of year again...
    We will be closed from Midday on the Friday 21st December and re-open on Wednesday the 2nd January.
    The webshop will still be taking orders and these will be processed on our return in January.
    The last day for shipping Fedex orders will be Thursday the 20th December, and Friday the 21st for Royal Mail.

    We'd like to take this opportunity to wish all our customers a Merry Christmas and all all the best for the coming New Year.

  • T3 D/TD Orange Silicone Hose Sets - Now on the webshop



    The deal with the special order colours (currently Blue and Orange) is that we used to order them in specially as required. As they take a while to produce (up to six weeks) this obviously meant a delay... so we try to keep at least one set on the shelf now.
    It doesnt always work like this so its best to check if you're wanting a set to replace a burst or split pipe.

    We stock the black hoses in much larger quantities if you need something quickly.

    Kit includes:

    Cylinder Head to Coolant Pipe - Replaces VW Part No.: 068 121 101 H
    Thermostat Housing to Coolant Pipe - Replaces VW Part No.: 068 121 073 H
    Bypass Hose - Replaces VW Part No. 068 121 053 M
    Water Pump to Header Tank - Replaces VW Part No. 068 121 081 C
    Aux Pump to Oil Cooler - Replaces VW Part No. 068 121 105
    We can also technically get these in any colour you choose (within reason) as a special order item so if you wanted green, yellow or pink... its possible :)

    Webshop Link (Orange)

    Webshop Link (Blue)

    Webshop Link (Black)


  • T3 Turbo Diesel Silicone Hose set in Orange

    Suits you sir!



  • HT Lead Components

    We already sell complete HT lead sets( Early or Late ).
    The early kits are not available off the shelf in a quality we'd be happy selling, so we make them up in house.
    This means that we also have all the components to make HT leads, so theyre now available seperately.


    Handy if you want to repair an existing lead rather than buy a complete set, and useful things to put in your "spares box" if you're travelling.

    There are 2 types of connectors used on T3 models... early (DIN) style and later (Pin) style. Its easy to tell which you need, just pull the plug from the coil or distributor cap and if theres a "pin" sticking up in the middle of the hole on the coil/cap you need the "Pin" type... if its just a hole you need "DIN".
    Spark plug connectors are simpler... ours will fit any plugs used, you may have to unscrew the cap from the plug though...

    There is also top quality Silicon HT cable sold by the metre.

    The DIN type connectors have a threaded fitting which you just push/twist the end of the cable onto. The Pin type require a crimped connector on the end of the cable. Theres is a special tool for this, but it can be done with pliers with a little care.

    Webshop Links:

    Spark Plug Connector
    Distributor Cap Connector - PIN type
    Distributor Cap Connector - DIN type
    Coil Connector - PIN type
    Coil Connector - DIN type
    7mm Silicone Cable

  • T3 Light Void covers

    Ideal for Engine conversions to seperate the MAF/AFM/etc from the engine bay.

    Laser cut aluminium.


    Webshop Link

  • T3 1.6TD Turbo oil return line - 068 145 735 B

    Reproduced exactly as the originals.


    Specially coated to resist corrosion. Better than the reproductions sold previously, and we'd say better than the originals too :)

    Note, these wont work with a 1.9 conversion even if using the JX turbo/manifold setup due to the taller block of the 1.9 litre blocks.
    We have a solution for this, but still in the testing stage at the moment.

    Webshop Link

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