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  • What will it be? Pt 2.


  • Can you tell what it is yet?


    Bored of poor supply of a particular part we have asked our tame machine shop to rustle up said part. But what?

  • T3 Syncro Gearbox/Diff mountings

    In the stock now, rubber mountings, and washers for Syncro Transmission and Front Diff mounts.

    Mounting washers also available



    Webshop Link


  • Not something you see every day!



    An original T3 16"Syncro westy. Just been in for a quick check over and some minor work carrying out.

  • 3 month old track rod end


    Just removed due to slight play. This was fitted just 3 months ago (not by us we should point out!)

    Unbranded, with no clue of origin.
    Probably half the price of a good quality Lemforder part... hopefully you can see why!

  • Spot the difference!


    Just rebuilding a customers rear brakes after they have just been rebuilt by a so called "specialist'. Parts required so far, on a vehicle that has has the brakes stripped and put back together and signed off as okay are.

    • Back plates holed and corroded.
    • Left hand rear wheel cylinder leaking.
    • Part of adjuster mechanism snapped off.
    • Adjuster bars worn. Drums over maximum diameter!
    • Brake shoes were held down with nuts and bolts and not springs and pins!

    The only parts we've kept are the cables! Scarey really!

    Careful where you take your van, remember your driving around in 2 tonne missiles!

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