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  • Open Day approaches...

    Sunday 29th April...


    We've just set an option on the webshop for Open Day Collection... that way you can order it and pick it up on the day to save shipping.

    You can still get those "impulse buys" on the day, assuming we have stock, but this way we can set stuff aside for you.

  • T3 Syncro 16" Front and Rear Dampers - 251 413 031 N / 251 513 031 N

    We now have these on the shelf.
    exactly the same BOGE units as those that were fitted all those years ago!




  • SJ Baxter (@Brickwerks) has shared a tweet with you

    Fantastic result for nico Rosberg! Jenson and Lewis had a tidy result too. Heart warming to see Williams back at it, brilliant days racing. -- SJ Baxter (@Brickwerks)

  • Polybush T4 Polyurethane Bushes! Now Available

    We now have T4 Transporter Steering Rack Bushes, Anti Roll Bar to Body Bushes, and Drop Link upper bushes in stock.
    All manufactured to our spec by Polybush from Polyurethane

    We've been testing them on our own T4 over the last few months,  and selected customers have had them fitted for a while... to the point we're we are now happy to sell them.

    ARB to Drop Link Bush Webshop Link

    ARB to Body Bush Webshop Link

    Steering Rack Mount Kit Webshop Link

  • Free Shipping - All Powerflex products

    Unfortunately we've had to increase the price of most of our Powerflex products today :(

    Basically, because we had a major part in developing many of the T3 Powerflex range  we always had a higher level of discount than some other suppliers. This allowed us to sell them a little cheaper. Powerflex have now informed us of their "target retail price" which we were obviously below.

    So... we have to make a little more money on each Powerflex product.
    However, shipping on all Powerflex products is now FREE. So if you place an order containing only Powerflex stuff... you wont be charged extra for shipping.

    This should more than make up for the difference.


  • Cardsave Payment Portal for Webshop customers

    We now have an option on the webshop to make payment direct with your Debit/Credit card without going through Paypal.
    The Paypal option is still there, and Paypal has always given the option of making payment direct from your card without   opening a Paypal account. The new Cardsave option will bypass Paypal altogether.

    Just select which option you prefer on checkout:


    Of course, both methods are 100% secure, its just that we've often been asked for an alternative that doesnt use Paypal, in the past we've had to take the payments over the phone. This way is quicker, and easier :)


  • In testing! T3 poly radius rod bushes.


    Just trying these for size on a customers van, making the required tweaks before general release. Hoping there will be 2 versions available, yellow, which is a softer material and uses a waisted sleeve for more suspension articulation on syncro models. The harder purple versions will be tested soon for lowered 2wd models.

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