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  • T3 Gear Lever Selector Guides


    For 5 speed T3 models.
    Precision Manufactured in the UK, these have been unavailable until recently... they are nearly always worn!
    Very good quality pieces. 2 required per vehicle

    VW Part No. : 251 711 173 C

  • TD/TDI ARP Head Studs

    Until recently we've had to make do with using Cosworth ARP bolts for performance Diesel application, but now ARP have produced a VW Diesel specific kit.

    Webshop Link

  • T3 Syncro Speedometer Drives


    There are a few different speedo drives depending on which front Diff you have... colour coded to make it easier for us...
    these are the 3 we now have in stock as theyre the ones we're asked for most:

    Red - VW Part No.: 094 409 181 D 

    Black - VW Part No.: 094 409 181 C

    White - VW Part No.: 094 409 181 B

  • T4 Rear Fog Light


    Complete rear fog light unit for T4 models (Left or Right). Doesn't come with bulb holder, but we have them seperately if you're adding an extra fog light rather than replacing a broken one.

    Webshop Link

    VW Part No.: 7D0 945 729


  • T4 T5 LT etc Coolant Expansion Tank Cap

    They get lost, fail, and get broken... so we sell em.

    Webshop Link

    VW Part No.: 3B0 121321

  • 1.9D/TD Filter Mount Gasket

    Not the most exciting addition to our stock it has to be said, but we're using a few now so we're keeping them on the shelf.

    VW Part no.: 028 115 441 C

    Webshop Link

  • T3 - Gear Lever Boot Surround

    For models with the heater duct running between the seats...
    They break so easily, but at least theyre cheap to replace :)

    Webshop Link 

    VW Part No.: 253 711 120

  • T3 Intake Hose - Rear Pillar

    Specially designed hose, complete with sound deadening to reduce intake noise on Diesel models, also fits petrols.

    Often these are missing completely, torn or just tatty.

    VW Part No.: 251 129 535

    Webshop Link

  • Open Day - April 29th 2012


    The way it usually works is we put some food on, supply tea and coffee - you bring a mug to put it in so we dont have to wash up!
    Come, have a look round, if you have any VW related stuff to sell bring it along if you like. Buy some bits from us if you want....
    In the afternoon we usually have a drive up the local green lanes if anybody fancies it.

    Its the only time you'll find us here on a weekend....

  • Back in stock! T3 Wheel bearings

    After a little difficulty keeping up with demand, we've just had a big delivery of the FAG T3 wheel bearing kits.

    Early Front

    Late Front


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