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  • T5 Transporter Wheel Bearing - Complete

    Wheel Bearing and housing for al T5 Transporters.
    Top quality from FAG.

    These fit the front and rear - both hub nuts included.

    Webshop Link

  • Selector "lever" - T3 Diesel

    Cast alloy "T" Piece on the end of the gear linkage - the one that the "ball" on the relay lever sits in.

    Diesel ones now available,  petrol ones to follow.

    Webshop Link

  • Fuel Tank Filler Seal - T3

    For all the tanks with plastic filler necks (thats all but the early ones - they had steel filler necks and a bigger hole).
    Not something that has needed replacing much on the vehicles we see through the workshop, until recently. We're now starting to see a few perished ones.

    Webshop Link 

  • T3 Fuel Injection Auxilliary Air Valve

    T3 Auxilliary Air Valve.
    Expensive part that causes all sorts of hassle when they go wrong.

    Webshop Link

  • T4 Steering Tie Rods

    ...or track rods if you prefer.

    Another item we fit a lot of in the workshop, but which until now hasnt made it to the webshop




  • T4 Radiator Fan Switch

    We've had them for ages for use in the workshop, but they never made it to the webshop.

    Webshop Link

    Best quality, as you'd expect


  • T3 Diesel Dipstick Funnel

    Dipstick "funnel" missing or broken? Fear not... we have them in stock.

    Such a cheap simple part that makes it so much easier to slip your dipstick in the hole!

    Webshop Link

  • Christmas opening hours.

    It's that time of year again, we shut for a bit, our suppliers shut for a bit, the Post Office and couriers are at their busiest time  and everything all goes a bit wonky!

    So, Brickwerks this year will ...

    close at lunchtime on the 23rd of December

    Re-open on the 03rd of January 2012

    Obviously you need to get your act together and order before the 20th really to have any sort of fighting chance of getting your parts before the holidays start.

    If the orders come in, we will process them as usual but they will be in the hands of the Post Office and Fedex, and we have no control over their work load.

    We are still getting orders out the same day (pending stock) but if you think your parts are taking longer that our usual speedy turn around please get in touch and we'll start digging through the mountains of paper to get you a tracking number!


  • Back In Stock - T3 Syncro Mirrors - Complete

    Not a week goes by when we dont get enquiries for these!

    They were available new for a short time... then weren't... and now they are!



  • Mirror Parts

    A couple of parts we get asked for... both for the large "Syncro" type mirrors.

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