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Monthly Archives: November 2011

  • Atiwe "Pepperpot" Wheel Centre Caps


    Centre cap for the optional Atiwe "Pepperpot" (or "Kaseloch" - Cheeshole) Wheels.
    New, shiny, and in stock now!


    Click the image for the Webshop link

  • More new Cables - early T3 Clutch Cables

    Clutch Cables for Early T3 models now in stock.

    Manufactured by Gemo... they made the originals.



    and also, the conduit at the side of the gearbox that brakes and causes clutch judder:



  • 16" Syncro Handbrake Cables

    Now in stock after a long wait!

    Click the image for a link to the webshop, both sides available

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