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  • T4 B and C Pillar infill kits

    Textured Black decals to go between the side windows of T4 transporters.

    2 Options, choose the 'B' pillar kit if you dont have the rearmost side windows, or the 'B&C' pillar kit if you have windows all the way down.

    Please be sure to choose the correct option for the position of your sliding door(s)

    B Pillar Kit

    B&C Pillar Kit

    B Pillar kit shown:

  • Gear Linkage UJ

    Universal joint for the gear linkage on all T3 models.
    We sell these complete with the 4 'o' rings that are often missing or damaged.

    Webshop Link


  • Full Colour Club Joker Stripe Kits

    Following the popularity of our 2 colour side stripe kits, we now have the later style full colour 3/4 length kits.

    Printed, exactly like the originals, in 2 sections (per side).

    Lovely quality, as you'd expect.

    Webshop Link

  • Stainless Steel WBX Exhaust systems

    We always struggle to keep these on the shelf. Due to the quality of the systems they take a while to make. Generally we sell them quicker than we can get them made! We're trying to improve the situation by keeping more stock... so we've just had a HUGE delivery of complete waterboxer systems. We know a few of you have been waiting for stock... se here they are!

    These are all stainless except the 3 way join, or cast knuckle as its often called.
    Designed to be interchangeable with the original parts so you can replace parts of the old steel exhaust with stainless as theyre required i you prefer.
    Theyre a beautiful piece of kit, and we sell them with all the gaskets, fittings and seals you'll need.

    Intermediate pipe comes with a boss to fit the Lambda probe on Cat equipped vehicles so you can lose the cat and keep the probe.


    Webshop Link


  • T3 Specific 25mm Wheel spacers!

    We're a little excited about these!

    Due to the popularity of our Custom designed T3 Specific Porsche Adaptors we've now had these produced.

    Web Shop Link

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  • 2012 Calendars now available

    Nice classy calendar. Even your mother-in-law would approve!

    Webshop Link

  • Multivan Table Catch

    Fitted to Westfalia Multivan models... its the clever push release catch that stops the table flapping about!

    Webshop Link


  • Club Joker 2 Tone side stripe kit now available

    Early side stripe kit for Club Joker Models - the 2 tone printed style, not the type cut out from vinyl.

    Exact reproductions of the originals which were printed, not overlaid vinyl. Ours are printed, and then laminated with a clear cover to protect them.

    Only side stripes available at the moment, although the front section is planned we just need a suitable example to reproduce the sizes from.




  • Silicone Hoses - Early Petrol (WBX)

    A long time in the making, but now finally here and worth the wait.
    We've neglected the petrol owners in the past as the Diesel hoses are the ones we seem to get asked for most, but these early hoses are now very difficult to find... so we figured it was time we did something about it!

    If youre familiar with the engine bay on the early cooling system, you'll know the 4 BIG pipes that run around the front of the engine bay as you look in from the rear. Well, these are they.

    Manufactured in shiny black silicone (although to be honest other colours shouldnt be a problem as a special order if thats your thing! - approx 6 weeks turnaround). Theyre nice things, and should keep the early petrols going a little bit longer...

    Webshop links:

    UPPER LEFT - 025 121 073 E           UPPER RIGHT - 025 121 062
    LOWER LEFT - 025 121 103 C           LOWER RIGHT - 025 121 102


  • Jack/Tool bag!

    Lovely things to have... Original Jack and Tool bag, complete with tools!
    No jack though!

    The T3 came with this from new, but theyre often lost of damaged.

    Complete with double ended screwdriver, hub cap puller and 19mm wheel brace. And the all important VW tool -  a 11/13mm combination spanner!

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