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  • FAG rear bearings back in stock!

    After supply went a little sketchy, we now have an imminent deliveryof the FAG Rear bearings.


  • 2012 calenders just landed


    On sale soon :)

  • You can keep your "red I"....


    Because we now have the brickwerks "Brown I" conversion!

    We've just had the shop van remapped after we fitted the new, modified nozzles. Other mods include the 150hp style front mounted intercooler, EGR delete and 70mm straight through exhaust, oh and a single mass flywheel conversion.
    We've not gone nuts with the mapping, just a steady increase to improve performance but to stay in the realms of longevity, economy and reliability.
    Thanks to John at KTL remapping for spending more time than he needed to, to it perfect.

  • Christmas is coming...


    You can tell... Booking time for the workshop has dropped from the summer high of 4 months to just under 2... thats almost sensible for us! Weve even managed to set a little time aside to fettle the Brickwerks fleet!
    The T4 has just had its injectors rebuilt and uprated ready for its imminent remap (followed by complete new livery when time allows).
    Iltis has had loads of niggly faults fixed ready for some proper use over the winter.
    T3 Atlantic is mothballed away from the elements.
    Porsche is still sat in the "not interested corner" waiting for time/motivation.

    Busy busy busy

  • New stickers!


    Just in, Volkswagen Racing inspired T3 and T4 logos. They'll be a pound each when they go on the webshop, but free with every order until the first batch run out. Just tell us which you want in the order  comments

  • T3 2.1 WBX Bulkhead fuel line connection


    Originally plastic, these are now getting a little brittle... and can break easily.
    These stainless ones wont though!

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