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  • 23mm Anti Roll bar to Body bush kit - Polyurethane

    We've just recieved these from Powerflex. Produced specifically for owners of T3 models with 23mm front Anti Roll Bars

  • 16" Syncro Rear Drums


    16" Syncro rear brake drums now in stock.

  • Simons Westy Atlantic featured in camper and bus.


    Well pleased with the outcome!


  • T3 Gearbox Mounts

    Prototypes arrived today of our new Polyurethane gearbox mounts.

    2 versions, to cover all T3 models.

    Replacement gearbox mounts are expensive, mainly because to replace them you need to replace the whole shebang...
    As a solution  we've commissioned these. We've had them made in 2 pieces with a stainless steel sleeve through the middle.
    Cheaper as you can re-use all the original metalwork, and a good upgrade in polyurethane.

    Trial fitment as soon as opportunity arises... and they'll be on the table a Vanfest this weekend if you want to see them in the flesh...

  • New Product! T3 Black Diamond Fast Road Brake Pads

    To compliment the Black Diamond discs we currently stock, we now have Fast Road pads from the same company. The fast road compound makes them more suited to "spirited" driving.

    We have a couple of trial sets, which we'll have at Vanfest this weekend.

    Available as "special order" at the moment, if they prove popular we'll keep them in stock.

    Both early and late style available. Also suitable for use with standard discs

  • New Product Development - T4 Polyurethane Suspension Bushes

    Just landed today, first prototypes of T4 Transporter Polyurethane bushes.
    At the moment Ant Roll Bar, Steering Rack, and Drop Link bush kits.

    We'll trial fit them when we get Vanfest out of the way, and when we're happy they'll be available to buy, and we'll have the saples at Vanfest this weekend if you want to lick them...

  • Getting ready for Vanfest...


    Were busy getting ready for Vanfest... there is now an option on the webshop for Vanfest Collection... place your order, select the Vanfest Collection option, and pick it up from our stand. Applies to items we hold in stock. Cutoff for Vanfest collection orders is Wednesday 7th September.

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