Monthly Archives: August 2011

  • Exterior Thermal Screens for T3 Cab Windows

    Handy for keeping the cold out on chilly nights. And they do a good job at blocking the sun for Summer lie-ins too!

    Initially we got these as a Vanfest special, but we've been asked for them a lot over the years so there are plenty people out there waiting for them!

    If there are any left we'll take them to Vanfest.

  • T3 rear seatbelt kits back in!

    Woo yeah!

  • Nightmare few days.

    It's holiday time, so staff are on their jollies, not a great time for the other half of the workforce to come down with some evil viral tonsilitis thing.

    We were meant to be closed weds/thurs anyway for family reasons, but this also put me out of action on friday too.

    I've come in on Saturday [unheard of !!] to try and shift the backlog, and all the stuff going by royal mail will leave saturday, hopefully for a Monday delivery.

    All items going by Fed-Ex will be picked and packed, logged onto Fed-Ex's system and ready for collection on Monday hopefully for a tuesday delivery.

    Really sorry about people waiting for parts, nothing we could do.

  • New Product: Syncro 30mm Lift Kit

    Now on the Webshop (click the image).

    CNC machined and annodised in black so they stay looking good.

    approx 30mm lift.

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