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  • This weeks job.


    Nearly finished. Andreas lidl springs and trailmaster dampers.

  • Another big delivery from Bilstein


    Just landed. After being embarrased by the lack of availability a few months ago, we dont want to get caught out again!

  • Update! - T3 Rear seatbelt kits

    A few of you will be aware that our old supplier of the belt reels for our OE style rear seat belt kits stopped manufacture of our reels last year.

    Since then, we've been hunting for a suitable reel which will work with the factory mounting points, and is of a quality we'd be happy to rely on to hold our family in place.

    Well, we found a manufacturer last month, have recieved a sample, and have now placed an order for a large quantity of reels. Kits will be back on the webshop as soon as they arrive. We'll be looking at weeks, rather than months.

    More news here as soon as they land.

  • Freebie stickers back!


    Weve been that busy we ran out of freebie stickers to send out with orders! We have more now though :-)

  • New Product: T3 Cab Door Handles

    Genuine VW Cab Door handles for T3 models.
    These can have the locks reset to match the ignition key, unlike the cheap ones that are available.

  • New Products: Seals

    There are a load of new seals just gone live on the webshop for T3 Petrol WBX engines:

    Thermostat Seal
    Waterpump Seal
    Breather Tower Seal
    Thermostat Housing Seal

    Some of those cheap little bits and pieces that can be difficult to get hold of on a Sunday afternoon when you decide to get on with fixing "stuff".

  • New Product: Westfalia Ice Cube trays


    Ice cube tray missing? Buy a new one!
    Cool! Literally!

  • Trailing arm bush insertion tool.

    Upper side

    Lower side.

    Note that the tool is tapered, and has a location groove to the bottom edge to lock it onto the arm, and the notch for clearance.

    Use with a suitable large washer and some M12 threaded bar.

  • New Products: WBX Bearings


    Not just the mains pictured... a whole host of main, big end, little end, and cam bearings, in various sizes.
    All Kolbenschmidt so you know theyre good!
    Find em in the "T3 Engine Components" section

  • New Product: Black Diamond Diesel Clutch Kit

    Now available to order on the webshop - Black Diamond Diesel (for now, petrol later) Clutch Kits.
    3 Piece kit comprising uprated Pressure Plate, Uprated friction disc and new Release Bearing

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