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  • T3 Cab Floor Repair Panels - Now Available

    This panel was never available as a repair panel from VW except as part of the complete floor/cab front section.

    We now have the left and right floor panels in stock. Suitable for all T3 models.
    Panels are drilled for LHD Pedal position, but can be modified with relative ease for RHD applications. If you're at this level of repair it won't cause you any headaches!

    Another piece of the T3 Jigsaw puzzle in place :)

    Body Panel - T3 / Cab Floor / Left


    Body Panel - T3 / Cab Floor / Right


    Webshop Links:

  • T3 Double Cab (Doka) Side Locker Doors! Now in stock

    The Pickup love just keeps on coming!
    Heres yet another in demand panel for the T3 DoKa now available as an excellent quality reproduction part!

    You'll find them here:

  • T3 Gear Linkage UJ Pins - 251711291 - Now in stock

    A few years ago when these started becoming a problem we started offering a machined stainless steel bolt as a solution to worn/broken pins.

    Gear Linkage Pin - T3 / Gear Linkage UJ / 1983 on - 251711291 VW T3 Vanagon T25 Type25 Gear Linkage Pin

    Times have moved on with the T3 now, and people are demanding parts that not only do the same job as the original, but look original too.
    So, we're now happy to offer these original style UJ pins for the T3 gear linkage from 1983 on.

    They're very close to the original style, and supplied in Yellow Zinc Plate just like the original.


  • Ignition Lead Sets - T3 Waterboxer (early and late)

    We've been making up the HT lead sets for the early Waterboxer engines in house for some time, mainly because the available kits aren't correct for the earlier engines. Either the wrong ends, or the wrong lengths, or the wrong resistance.

    We've had to up our game a little though as keeping up with them has become a problem as we've got busier and busier over the years.
    It also makes sense to have the later kits made too as the prices keep rising. Every little helps!

    So, we are now having our own leads manufactured to our spec and with our own branding.
    Same original spec. Same quality components. Just made in larger batches to save us time and save you money!

    Webshop Link - Early
    Webshop Link - Late 

  • T3 Front Bump Stop (251411123B) - in production now

    The front bump stop for the T3 hasn't been available for a while now, and has become a bit of a problem.


    We've worked with Powerflex again to produce an alternative in Polyurethane, and have just test fitted and approved the final pre-production sample.

    They're listed on the webshop here and should be in stock in around 10 days.
    Webshop Link

  • Brickwerks now a stroppy teenager.

    Here's a random cake I found on a Google image search.

    Brickwerks is now 13! 

    Who'd of thought it eh!

    Can a company get a deeper voice and spots?

    Onwards and upwards!

  • Stocktake 2018

    #groan. Here we go again...

    This hateful time of year when we have to close for a few days and count everything.

    Here's your warning that we won't be available to send packages out at a moments notice!

    Tuesday 10th April - last day we'll be sending anything out, cut off time - 12pm promt.
    Wednesday 11th April - Closed, no emails will be replied to, no packages sent.
    Thursday 12th April - Closed, no emails will be replied to, no packages sent.
    Friday 13th April - If we've finished counting, data entry and eating pizza at the cost of the company then we'll start shipping packages again.

    The upshot is that we set the stock levels right and we have less chance of the problems we occasionally have where we sell something we don't actually have (we blame Angus in the workshop for picking things up and wandering off with them!)

    Remember that you can track your orders simply by logging into your account and clicking on the "where's my stuff" link at the top of the page where you'll find the current status of any orders and the associated tracking numbers (you wouldn't believe how many people don't know about this feature of the shop!)

    Get your orders in early if you're in a rush to avoid disappointment.

  • T3 Inner Sills - Original Style

    As vehicles get older and need more restoration work to keep them on the road, then it follows that originality will become an increasingly important factor in keeping them going.

    We've seen it with every model of Transporter over the years, as the values increase the importance of original looking repairs becomes more and more important. It's one of the signs that the vehicle has truly achieved "classic" status, and why we're happy to be stocking these original style inner sills as an alternative to the repair panel we already sell.

    We've just had the first delivery so they'll be showing in stock soon.

    LEFT - Webshop Link

    RIGHT - Webshop Link

    Inner Sill - T3 / Original Style / Left



  • Christmas Closing 2017...

    Well, that's another year...

    All orders placed before 5pm on Thursday have shipped, and even a couple of Royal Mail packages we snuck out of the door on Friday Morning. Everything else will ship when we come back to work on Tuesday the 2nd January 2018.

    We managed to do a couple of "behind the scenes" jobs this morning before doing the back-ups and a couple of computer updates in the new Brickwerks "Nerve Centre" (that's our posh new office/canteen :D) that we've been putting off for fear of it cocking everything up at a time when we've been unseasonably busy.

    All that remains is to wish all our customers, old and new, a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. We hope everything happens as you hope it will and that 2018 brings you health, happiness and whatever it is you want from your VW.

    That's it... we're out the door. Just one more very special delivery to make before Chrimbo and then we can maybe open the Quality Street.

    Have a good 'un.


  • T3 Eibach 23mm Front Anti Roll Bar Kit - Now in stock

    The Powerflex bushes have just arrived so we have a limited number of the 23mm front ARB's in stock now.

    More next week when the rest of the bushes arrive.


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