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T3 - AAZ Engine Lid Cover Modification Notes

AAZ engine lid cover instructions.

The lid cover is fairly self explanitory, but here are a few guidelines.

AAZ engine lid cover

The position of the hole you need to make varies from model to model, early, late etc so please don't take these measurements below as 100%, use them as guidelines to get you in the right area but please be aware that there maybe some deviation from the dimensions listed below.

Once you are happy with the position of you lid cover, we find the best way to cut the hole in the lid is to use a 20mm or so hole saw in each corner, then use a jigsaw to cut between the holes, this leaves you with nice rounded corners.

Once you have cut your hole, use some silicone sealer, or similar on the back face of the cover where it meets the engine lid, this will cut the transmission of smells from the engine bay into the cabin.

Drill holes using the lid cover as a drilling guide, you will need a 5mm drill bit.

Then, using a pop rivet gun, rivet the cover down making sure that once fully down the sealer has covered all the holes, if not get the sealer out again and make sure any holes are covered.

Once the sealer has dried, and the excess has been trimmed away, attach the self adhesive sound deadening pad over the cover and smooth around the ribs, the use of a hair drier or careful use of a paint stripper gun will aid in getting the pad to stick to the contours.

Guidelines for cutting hole.lidcut-holesml.jpg

Guidlines for positioning plate.